About OSAC Board

Board Vision


01. Strategic

  • Increase our funding stream.
  • Utilize other parts of the building, i.e. the theatre and classrooms, for more programming.
  • Create a larger presence on Community Education, i.e. more art class offerings.
  • Connect with local businesses and organizations, e.g. library, nursing home, special needs community, history center, etc.

02. Professional

  • Provide more opportunities for input from our exhibiting artists, e.g. an artist “potluck” and artist questionnaire- ideas for OSAC, stories about his/her art, demonstrations,
  • Make the Old School Arts center an Arts Destination.
  • Establish a greater quality of life impact on the community.

03. Community

  • Establish an economic impact on the community.
  • Launch new art initiatives in the community, e.g. puppet theatre, singing groups, Art on Loan, Ballroom Dancing, plays, etc.
  • Engage youth in the Arts.
  • Teach individual imagination, creativity, improvisation, and innovation.

OSAC Minnesota is a registered 
501(c)3 #46-3864047

Board & Committees

OSAC Board of Directors

Fran Levings

Fran has been involved with the Old School Arts Center since its inception in January 2012. Beginning with the role of Volunteer Coordinator, then volunteering as the Executive Director and lastly, being elected to the Board of Directors and eventually assuming the position of President of the Board, she has exhibited a years-long commitment to the Center. Fran claims that what she enjoys so very much about the time she spends on Art Center activities is the many friendships she has formed- with artists, volunteers and all of the Board Directors with whom she has served and worked with the past several years.

Roger Knudson
Vice President

Exhibits Committee Chair
Grants Committee

Roger, chairs the Exhibits Committee, serves on the Grants Committee and is an exhibiting artist at OSAC. Roger is retired from the MN Bureau of Prisons where he served as Director of Education. He is a member of the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild. He makes fine-furniture now and is an avid cross-country bicyclist.

Jennifer Frederickson
IT Committee

Jennifer chairs the Marketing Committee and serves on the IT Committee. She holds a BA degree in Marketing from UMD. She coordinates our Facebook page. Jennifer is employed by Pine County, is married to Pine County Attorney and the mother of two small children.

Marguerite Walz
Founding Member OSQC

Marguerite is a founding member of the Old School Arts Center and is also an exhibiting artist here. Marguerite holds both a BA and an MA degree in Art. She recently retired as Director of the Senior Dining Program in Askov, sold her home and studio in Askov, and moved to the Cities to help care for her grandchildren. Marguerite serves on the OSAC Exhibitions Committee. Her favorite leisure time activity is reading.

Mary Ellen Dewey
Finance Committee Chair

Mary Ellen chairs the Finance Committee. Mary Ellen is employed as a Tax Specialist for the IRS. She is a member of the Quarry Lions Club. She spends almost all of her leisure time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Linda Kvasnicka
Grants Committee Chair
IT Committee

Linda is the Chair of the Grants Committee and IT Committee and is an exhibiting artist at OSAC. Her formal degree education includes Commercial Art, Horticulture, and Information Technology Systems. She enjoyed nearly a quarter century working for the local investor electric utility in a variety of roles. Linda enjoys reading, writing, gardening, hiking, biking, skiing our trails, and organizing. Linda is also a director of the North Pine Area Hospital District. She and her husband, Greg love spending time with their children and grandchildren, enjoy retired life on their hobby farm, and traveling now and then. Linda believes that OSAC fills a unique niche in our community serving the Arts Community and drawing art lovers to events.

Mary Jo McQuistion
Membership Committee Chair
Finance Committee

Mary Jo chairs the Membership Committee and serves on the Finance Committee. She lived in Cleveland until 2012 when she moved to Sandstone. She recently retired from EX Team At Magna Industries. Mary Jo enjoys drawing, painting, reading, and gardening.

William Rickmeyer
Membership Committee

William is on the Membership Committee and is a listing and selling real estate in Central Minnesota for over 25 years and is now an RE/MAX agent. He has always been active in the community. William is currently on the Board of Directors for the Lions as well as the Old School Arts Center and a trustee at The United Church of Christ. He likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing – It brings him a great deal of pleasure to see people not only creating art but viewing it as well.

Mary Thorvig
Membership Committee
Marketing Committee

Mary serves on both the Marketing and the Membership Committees. She has an MSW degree from UMD and is the chaplain for the Essentia-Sandstone hospital. In addition to serving on the Pine Center for the Arts Board of Directors, she is also a member of the Sandstone Garden Club, the Quarry Lions Club. Mary is co-owner of Chris’ Food Center.

Nathan Frazer
Music Committee Chair
IT Committee

Nathan chairs the Music Committee and serves on the IT Committee. He is employed by Nemadji Research Corporation in charge of Data Operations. He is a musician well-known in regional music circles. Nathan is married and the father of 2 children and 2 foster children. He is a trustee for Grace Lutheran Church and serves on the Sandstone Library Board.


  • FINANCE Mary Ellen Dewey (chair), Joey McQuiston, Fran Levings, and Mary Thorvig
  • IT/WEBSITE Linda Kvasnicka (chair), Nathan Frazer, Jeff Tuckner, and Jennifer Frederickson
  • EXHIBITIONS Carole Bersin (chair), Roger Knudson, Joey McQuiston, and Dave Baker
  • FUNDRAISING Fran Levings (Chair), Joey McQuiston, and Cheryl Burns
  • MUSIC Nathan Frazer (Chair) and Fran Levings
  • MEMBERSHIP Joey McQuiston (chair) and Bill Rickmeyer
  • GRANTS Linda Kvasnicka (chair), Jim Butcher, Fran Levings, and Joey McQuiston
  • ART EDUCATION Fran Levings (Chair) and Dave Baker


  • Permanent Collection Cheryl Burns (chair), Linda Kvasnicka, and Bill Rickmeyer
  • Search Joey McQuiston (chair), Mary Thorvig, Bill Rickmeyer, and Sam Griffith
  • Pop Up Art: Cheryl Burns (chair) and Joey McQuiston

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