Kettle River Watershed Mural

Kettle River Watershed Mural

Kettle River Watershed Mural, Sandstone Train Park, August 2018

Carole Bersin makes progress on the huge Kettle River Watershed Mural she is painting for a permanent installation in Sandstone Train Park near the Gazebo Bandshell.

It’s an amazing work, taking Sandstone from the Ice Ages through the lives of the Ojibwe/Chippewa/ Anishinaabe people, through logging and fur trade days to the quarry period and to the present day of whitewater kayaking and rafting, ice and cliff climbing, music and arts that make Sandstone such a wonderful town.

Over the weekend and after the rains stopped many local artists took part in the painting under Carole’s direction.

Volunteer Spotlight Jan Thurston-Davis

Jan Thurston-Davis is an invaluable member of our OSAC family. As an artist, she has exhibited in every Opening we have had. You will also see her in her studio at OSAC where she is our Artist-in-Residence. In addition, she has become one of our most faithful volunteers.

Jan holds a certificate as a house painter/decorator and a BA degree from Metropolitan University and a Masters of Arts Degree from Hamline University.

She has held what she calls a “number of insignificant jobs” from clerical to house painting to shuttle bus driving, etc. Jan has been an artist all of her life. She participated in many one-person shows and group exhibits at theatres, restaurants, galleries and even a bank (at that one she sold every piece). She also exhibited at Anderson Window Walls where most of her work was bought by the employees. Dayton’s Department Store once purchased her entire stock of paintings. Jan exhibited her art for seven years at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis and four years at the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee.

Jan has 3 children- Craig and his wife Debbie live in Winona, Michele and her husband Rob live in New Jersey and Brently lives in Alexandria, MN. Craig is the manager of Fastenall Manufacturing and Michele, a graduate of Luther College has her own design business. Brently has a degree from Hamline U. and is an itinerant artist & performer.

Jan was partnered for 27 years with Terry Jenner until Terry passed away last year.

Thanks, Jan, for all you do for the Old School Arts Center!