Todd Walls, from Minneapolis, was the Featured Artist at the Summer Opening Exhibit on August 19. The exhibit brought over 100 people into our Gallery. His beautiful and challenging art was enhanced by the music of Nathan Frazer. Two special collections added to the glory of this show. Pat Adams, of Rutledge OSAC member, put on display 12 photographs she had taken on her trip to Cuba the previous winter and Jeff Holmgren, of North Branch, loaned OSAC several art pictures and artifacts centered around a Latin American theme.

In November, the Audubon Center of the Northwoods hosted a Waterway Exhibit from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. The Old School Arts Center accepted an invitation from the Audubon Center to host an Exhibit at the Center with a theme of “Water”. More than 35 area artists responded to the call to show a piece of “Water” art. This work was displayed on the walls of the long hall in Crosby Lodge leading to the Smithsonian Exhibit. Fred Keller provided music for the huge crowd in attendance and Dr. Skip Hofstrand gave a presentation on Water. It was indeed a magical evening and we are indebted to the Audubon Center for providing this opportunity.

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