Joining OSAC by Linda Kvasnicka

I became involved in the OSAC organization a year and a half ago. 

The opportunity arose as  I was intentionally taking steps to free up space in my life to live more creatively. At this crossroad, with some trepidation, I chose to accept the invitation not quite sure if it would help or hinder my effort. Throughout my career, I had several opportunities to participate in personality tests. All were offered toward the effort of team building. Each time my test results reinforced my own awareness that my intuitive trait is predominant. Intuition has been described as the subtle web of connectedness that holds the universe together. I believe that each person makes choices, never fully aware of how their decisions connect them to people and events ultimately designed to fulfill what the universe has in mind on a grand scale. 

When I think of all the OSAC people; those who laid the foundation and those  following them who continue to build on that dream, each drawn to the creating motivating force, held together by inner intelligence and feelings, each working in their own special realm, finding strength where their spirit resides, that make OSAC what it is today and what it will be in the future, I am so glad to have found my way to the effort.

The road isn’t always smooth, the work isn’t always easy but I invite you to join us and I promise you will find a liveliness and vibrancy more than worthy of your participation.

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