A grant through ECRAC made it possible for board training of OSAC ‘s Board of Directors led by Propel Non-Profits on February 2, 2019, at Pine Stone Lodge, Sandstone, MN. 

The creative process has been a topic of contemplation at the OSAC open art studio Sundays at the Pine County History Museum this winter. Drop in if you want to partake in a discussion about it. Perhaps it will help you recognize aspects of your own creative process and wake up the creator in you. 

OSAC board members participated in the creative process at the recent board retreat and training. It was amazing to witness the creative energy behind board members expression of ideas, synthesized into strategies and goals. Four days later, at the OSAC February Board Meeting, everyone agreed that a continuum of action will be our challenge and especially how to find time to work on our goals.  Everyone ‘s life is busy.  We will do our utmost to draw you, the larger community, in to help and guide us. Together let’s build creative pathways to involvement in the arts that bring enjoyment, fulfillment, and meaning to our community.